Cat Safety

Cat Safety is a prime concern for cat owners today.  Without an outdoor cat enclosure you can never be sure your cat is safe when you are not around.  Elite Cat Enclosures know how to build cat enclosures that keep your cat safe and secure.  Protect your cat from being hit by car or catching feline AIDS. (otherwise known as FIV feline immunodeficiency virus or Cat AIDS).  Apart from the safety concerns  one of the main reasons for obtaining a Cat Enclosure today is peace of mind.  Knowing your cat is safe and out of harms way is a significant issue for most cat lovers.

Image of cat with aids

Should You Let Your Cat Go Outdoors?

When we choose to confine our cat, we have a the responsibility to provide the stimulation that the outside environment provides.  We can include scratching and climbing posts, interactive toys and other objects that a cat enjoys chasing.  These playthings provide excitement, variety and exercise. As the dangers listed below are significant, choosing to provide a safe enclosure for your cat is a wise choice.

Walking your Cat?

The safest ways to allow your cat to enjoy some time outdoors is to either harness-train him or her and go for walks together and provide an outdoor cat enclosure to let them wander around in safety in their own pseudo jungle. After all cats are all tigers at heart

Outdoor cat enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. A variety of building materials is selected based upon what the customer prefers and what is best for the cat. For durability, chain link, chicken wire or wire mesh hardware cloth can be used. Roofing is always a necessity since cats are exceptional climbers. The best structures include climbing and resting furniture inside. A shaded area complete with a water bowl is required for warm or hot weather usage.


Dangers Associated With Free Roaming Cats

Cat Aids (FIV) 29
Council Curfews 65
Feral Cat Population Increase 39
Car Incident Fatalities 2