Outdoor Cat Enclosures that last

Our custom built outdoor cat enclosures are often quoted by our customers as being the best in Melbourne – please see our testimonials!.  We use a variety of high quality materials to make sure our cat enclosures last.  Our builders boast over 15 years of commercial building experience in a variety of custom constructions.  If there is a job which requires specialist knowledge then we can provide the necessary skills.

Outdoor cat enclosures can be virtually any shape or size.   A variety of building materials is selected based on the ambiance, customer preference and what is best for your cat.  For durability we use high quality long lasting netting material – especially built for cats.  Roofing is always a necessity since cats are exceptional climbers. Our structures include a variety of cat furniture which includes climbing and resting platforms, scratch poles and high perch seats. Other things which many people take for granted are on our list of priorities – such as adequate areas for drink bowls and shading.

The Netting used in our cat enclosures is tested to ensure it can withstand all types of weather conditions over time.  It is also strong but gentle enough so that rubbing against it does not cut or chaff.  The hole size in the netting is especially suited for cats as well. If the netting holes are too small, cats can become caught up in the net.  If the holes are too large your cat can escape.  Our high quality custom zips are made out of special material that lasts and will withstand heavy use.  Zip points can be added or adjusted as required.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

The design of the cat enclosure is tailored to suit the surrounding construction.  Our superb craftsmanship is reflected in every outdoor cat enclosure we make.  We have photos of nearly all our customers online because we are proud of our constructions.  Our outdoor cat enclosures meet all the requirements of the DEPI .